May Day Blooms

Happy May Day Folks!When I was a little bitty thing we used to hand weave paper baskets and bring them to our neighbors stuffed full of flowers. I’m a bit bigger now, and the whole internet is my neighbor, so I say you all get flowers! I’ve put together a little collection of fun handmadeContinue reading “May Day Blooms”

DIY Denim Heat Pack

We recently had a night that threatened frost… so this post is right on time! What you need:Old jeans. The softer the better, but not too threadbare or you may lose some rice.Rice.A sewing machine. Not strictly necessary but makes life easier. Tea. Makes everything easier. These jeans were the husband’s. They have a holeContinue reading “DIY Denim Heat Pack”

Holiday Wrap Up

Writing about the holidays now is a little like going to an extended relative’s house in January and having another Christmas… fun but it feels a little odd. We’ll just get caught up quick and move on. To possum yarn. No seriously. Really, this time for real. We had a great trip to visit theContinue reading “Holiday Wrap Up”

The Mittens that Ate Manhatten

Ok, the mittens didn’t eat Manhattan. Not even a few buildings. But they have eaten my life the past few days. I’m making them on commission for an Etsy customer – I’m using Adrian Bizilia’s really excellent pattern – find it HERE. I love how the colors have turned out, and I think the insideContinue reading “The Mittens that Ate Manhatten”

Twisted Minuet Wrister Pattern

Happy Sunday and start to the holiday season – in honor of the giving spirit I’ve finally transcribed my pattern for the companion wristers to our Twisted Minuet Scarf. You can still find the scarf pattern HERE – enjoy the new wristers and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! If youContinue reading “Twisted Minuet Wrister Pattern”

A little baby knitting

I’ll admit it, I’ve taken full advantage of knitting for a wee one over the past year. How could I resist when there are books like Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits? The book is full of updated, adorable patterns… I finished E’s pixie hat and immediately cast on some purple yarn for a sweater. I’llContinue reading “A little baby knitting”

Shop Handmade!

Remember to shop locally this holiday season! Follow the link to join a group of folks who are dedicated to handmade vs box store gifts. Here is a fun collection of items to get you started – a baby boy treasury in honor of our good friends from Michigan who welcomed a healthy baby boyContinue reading “Shop Handmade!”

Baby Wipes – Tutorial

We try to be reasonably green around here… and I like to keep the chemicals touching my baby to a minimum. We cloth diaper as much as possible and I wanted a way to use plain water to wipe the little baby bottom. Although we ended up with several baby washcloths from a variety ofContinue reading “Baby Wipes – Tutorial”

Applesauce, applesauce

As you may have surmised from yesterday’s photo, the little tyke and I recently visited the apple orchard. We went to Cold Springs Orchard, a teaching, research and working orchard maintained by the University of Massachusetts, on a stunningly beautiful autumn day. We strolled through the rows of trees heavy with late fall fruit andContinue reading “Applesauce, applesauce”

And… We’re back!

When I last blogged it was early spring and things were just beginning to grow, including me! Throughout the spring and summer I nurtured the garden and a little baby. Now it is fall, the garden is done, and and baby is here and not so little! I’ll be trying to catch up with someContinue reading “And… We’re back!”