DIY Denim Heat Pack

We recently had a night that threatened frost… so this post is right on time!

What you need:
Old jeans. The softer the better, but not too threadbare or you may lose some rice.
A sewing machine. Not strictly necessary but makes life easier.
Tea. Makes everything easier.

These jeans were the husband’s. They have a hole in an unfortunate location and so now belong to me.

And above is the tea. AWESOME TEA from Arbor Teas.

I trimmed the inner seam to make the heat pack a little more narrow than the full width of the leg. It ended up being about 7″ wide and almost 2 feet long.

Next I sewed the end shut and compartments for the rice so it wouldn’t all bunch at one end. I used yellow thread in a zig zag stitch because that’s the way I roll.

Next I sewed the cut edge partially, leaving holes into which I could pour rice. I poured rice. Mostly into the pack, but also on the table and floor. A funnel would make this a snap.

After the rice was in (not too full, you want a nice squishy pack), I finished sewing the edges. And continued to drink tea. About 2.5 minutes in the microwave (with a little cup of water) and the heating begins!!

And… pinnable!

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