Dreaming of Spring

Yet another winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow and we’re all starting to feel the winter gloom. However, spring is just around the corner and it is garden planning time. To keep motivation high, it seems like a good time to share some photos from last year’s deck garden. I have to say, my Earthbox experience was a WONDERFUL one. Don’t let their gimmicky sell turn you off… for a limited garden space (like our 8×10 2nd floor balcony) they really work.
Lettuces, broccoli, pearl onions, herbs, spinach… we started out small in late April.
May brought peas and salad.
By June we were in full swing, complete with 8-ball zucchini. In July we had a jungle and were eating fresh from the garden practically every day.

But in August we moved. The plants were adopted by some lucky friends… the transportation was quite amusing.Spring is almost here… and may all your gardening dreams come true!

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