Kendra here! My KnittyVet shop is the result of combining a desire to create, a touch of entrepreneurial spirit, and the complete inability to sit still. It is my labor of love, and was born from a heavy knitting habit and yarn stash that got out of hand. I always loved creative pursuits, and learned to paint, draw, sculpt and take photographs as a child growing up in relatively isolated rural midwest America. However, it was not until college when I found my true love in knitting. I found that knitting kept me awake to read the textbooks assigned in veterinary school – and it must have worked, because I graduated with my DVM – and a deeper understanding of knitting techniques. I started my knitting business by creating bespoke orders – including a Pineapple Reticule – in 2010. Since launching my online business I have collected more than 150 glowing reviews and happy customers.


KnittyVet creations are colorful and almost always all natural. My favorite materials are lambswool, organic cotton, and alpaca, so those are the primary materials in the shop. I strongly believe in the movement of returning to buying local, handmade products with a face and name behind the product and try to incorporate that belief in my own life practices. I also feels that we are all environmental stewards, and try to contribute my bit by creating reusable coffee sleeves to replace the wasteful paper collars. My creations are solidly constructed and made to last.


KnittyVet is a cheerful, bright place and I love creating personalized works of art just for my customers. The sky is the limit when it comes to mixing colors and patterns in yarn. I am also the management portion of the store and blog and would be delighted to chat with you regarding ideas or comments. Some items are ready to ship but some are made to order – please see the descriptions for more information. New items are being added to the shop frequently, and seasonal items such as hats, scarves, and mittens tend to make their appearance in late August or September.

Thank you for visiting the KnittyVet blog and please enjoy looking around. Check out the shop if you like! You may follow me on several social media platforms for new product alerts and a glimpse at the creative process, or contact kendra@knittyvet.com with “request to join” to join our email list.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/knittyvet
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/knittyvet
Twitter & Instagram: @knittyvet

All the best to you and yours,
Kendra Ann


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