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15 organically grown Madder (Rubia tinctorum) seeds for 2023 planting and red natural dye. Great addition to your natural dye garden!

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Native to the Mediterranean and a member of the coffee family, madder is a hardy perennial grown for its red dye. The roots of this plant have been used for centuries to make a bright, lightfast natural dye on both protein and cellulose fibers. Second and third year roots give better color, and the older the plant typically the more intense the dye. Plants do spread by underground root structure, so plan your planting accordingly!

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**Harvested in 2022 for 2023 growing season**

How to grow:
Site Selection: Zone 5-9 (although grows fine for me in zone 4b with winter mulch), sandy to loamy soil, neutral to alkaline. Full sun is preferred. Plan for a plant to send out runners, so grow in buried containers or beds.

Start seeds: Start indoors several weeks before last frost and plant out after all threat of frost has passed.

Harvest: Harvest the roots of 2 to 3 year old plants in the fall after the tops have dyed back, or wait additional years for even more dye potential. Harvesting areas of madder sequentially while replanting in the current beds will provide a constant supply of madder.

Processing: Rinse the roots with cold water, cut into small pieces and allow to dry completely (unless using fresh). Store in a dry, cool place.

{ D E T A I L S }
– Organically-grown non-GMO Madder Seeds (Rubia tinctorum)
– Color: Grows madder plants for red, pink, or orange dye production from the roots
– Amount: Sold in units of 15 seed

I test samples of all of my seeds to ensure viability but cannot guarantee growth due to handling and specific conditions. If your seeds don’t grow please contact me and we’ll troubleshoot!

Make sure to look around the shop – there are also dried dye materials, dye kits, dyed skeins and color sets available! Questions about naturally dyed yarn? See the FAQ below!

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