Dried Hibiscus Blossoms


10 gm of dried Hardy Hibiscus for use in natural dyeing. This listing is for actual organic dried hibiscus blossoms, carefully cut and stored over a year of growing. Produces a pink to green dye.

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Hardy hibiscus is a gorgeous plant with large, tropical looking flowers… but it grows perfectly happily in a northern climate! This listing is for organically grown and naturally dried red hibiscus blossoms, carefully cut and stored over a year of growing. The more blossoms you use the deeper your dye results will be. I like to use about 1:5 dried flower to fabric or yarn weight for this particular flower. These blossoms are unique in that you will get a very different color depending on if you mordant your fiber or not!

To bring out the full dye potential of these flowers you may want to mordant your fabric or yarn before dyeing. You may visit my blog at knittyvet.com to read more about this process, research in a natural dye book, or maybe purchase a dye kit instead here https://www.etsy.com/listing/659068323 , complete with pre-mordanted yarn!

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{ D E T A I L S }
– Organically grown Dried RED Hardy Hibiscus Blossoms
– Color: Produces pink on unmordanted fiber and green on mordanted fiber
– Amount: Sold in 10gm units (each unit will dye about 50gm or 2 oz of fiber)

Because of the variabilities of working with nature to grow and harvest flowers, your blossoms will be similar to but not exactly the same as those shown in the picture. The example skeins are 1:6 dried blossom to fiber.

Make sure to look around the shop – there are also dye kits, dyed skeins and color sets available! Questions about naturally dyed yarn? See the FAQ below!

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