Dyer’s Chamomile – 50+ seeds


50+ seeds of Dyer’s Chamomile (Golden Marguerite, Cota tinctoria or Anthemis tinctoria). The flowers provide a bright, strong, light-fast yellow natural dye.

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Dyer’s Chamomile is also known as Golden Marguerite (officially Cota tinctoria or Anthemis tinctoria) is a bushy daisy-like plant with feathery leaves growing 1 to 2 feet high and develops large numbers of fragrant, yellow, long-lasting flowers. It is a hardy but weak perennial, usually dying back significantly at the end of its second year.

The flowers and plant tops are used as dye, the flowers providing a bright, strong, light-fast yellow. The plants make an excellent border or flowering clump in gardens. I suggest starting seeds indoors before planting out, since very small plants are a favorite of slugs, snails and rabbits.

These seeds are carefully saved from my own dye garden in Minnesota. I never use pesticides or herbicides and all seeds are hand collected and sorted. **These seeds were harvested in 2022 for 2023 season planting**

{ D E T A I L S }
– Organically-grown non-GMO Dyer’s Chamomile Seeds (Cota tinctoria)
– Color: Grows yellow blooms for yellow dye production
– Amount: Sold in units of 50+ seeds

I test samples of all of my seeds to ensure viability but cannot guarantee growth due to handling and specific conditions. If your seeds don’t grow please contact me and we’ll troubleshoot!

Make sure to look around the shop – there are also dried dye materials, dye kits, dyed skeins and color sets available! Questions about naturally dyed yarn? See the FAQ below!

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