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50+ organically grown Weld (Reseda luteola) seeds for yellow natural dye. Great addition to your natural dye garden!

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Weld, also known as Dyer’s Rocket or Dyer’s Weed (officially Reseda luteola) is a member of the brassica family and grows as a rosette of green leaves with a spike-like shoot of small yellow flowers developing in the second year. Native to the Mediterranean and used since before Roman times to produce a bright yellow, all parts of the plant can be used to make dye.

How to grow:

Site Selection: Biennial, prefers waste areas and disturbed ground. Plant in well-drained soil. Full sun is preferred.

Start seeds: Start indoors about 4 weeks before last frost. Plant outside about 6” to 8” apart. Can also direct seed in late fall or spring.

Harvest: Anytime for bright yellows. Allow some flower stalks to mature for self-seeding, then can dry for use as dye material.

Processing: Gently simmer plant material for a bright yellow color on alum mordanted fiber.

{ D E T A I L S }
– Organically-grown non-GMO Weld (Reseda luteola)
– Color: Lightfast, bright yellow
– Amount: Sold in units of 50+ seed

I test samples of all of my seeds to ensure viability but cannot guarantee growth due to handling and specific conditions. If your seeds don’t grow please contact me and we’ll troubleshoot!

Make sure to look around the shop – there are also dried dye materials, dye kits, dyed skeins and color sets available! Questions about naturally dyed yarn? See the FAQ below!

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