A Vermi-update

I’ll admit right off that the worm’s compost bin has been going through a rough patch. Everything was great at first, but then an odd smell arose and many of the red worms went mushy. Not fun. Instead of happy, healthy red worms I now had a bin full of food and millions of littleContinue reading “A Vermi-update”

Dreaming of Spring

Yet another winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow and we’re all starting to feel the winter gloom. However, spring is just around the corner and it is garden planning time. To keep motivation high, it seems like a good time to share some photos from last year’s deck garden. I have to say, my EarthboxContinue reading “Dreaming of Spring”

Greening the Post Office – Sewn Parcels!

Lovely snowy day here- greened the (nearly daily) trip to the post office in two ways. 1. Walked. I love the days I get enough time to make the 2 mile round trip on foot (or bike in the summer). Today was especially great due to the fresh snowfall.2. Sewn packages! I have to admitContinue reading “Greening the Post Office – Sewn Parcels!”