Pineapples for Christmas

Gentle readers, due to the unpredictable nature of winter weather in the Midwest, I find myself at home tonight instead of watching Nathan Lane in the new production of the Addam’s Family Musical. Sigh. But we have a nice Cozy fire, popcorn, and Lord of the Rings on TV so all is not lost.

In the meantime I can talk about my Newest project- a Regency period Pineapple Reticule. Tiny little pineapple purse- how cool is that?!

You can find the original pattern (or “receipt” as they called it then) at the Jane Austen Today site linked HERE as well as an updated version for those of us unsure how to read 200 year old knitting notation.

My aim is accuracy so I will be working with thread weight yarn… usually used for weaving. I think my needles are 000… 3-0!

Buying the yarn was great since I got to browse Web’s selection of bamboo, silk, cotton and tencel thread and then wind off exactly what I wanted. Just look how gorgeous.
So stay tuned to see how this project unfolds, and in the meantime have a very Merry, Safe, and Sweet Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Pineapples for Christmas

  1. Ooh, pretty pretty! Oh, the days when a woman didn't have to lug around a cell phone, credit cards, makeup, half a pound of car keys… :o)

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