Ravelry Downloads Go Up

For the knitters and crocheters out there: Ravelry! You love it, you know you do. Great place to search patterns, show off your yarn stash, even meet other local fiber nuts. I’ve been a Raveler for years, but I FINALLY got wise and set up a designer page. This lets me consolidate all my patternsContinue reading “Ravelry Downloads Go Up”

A Knitty Opportunity – and Cyclo-cross

Nice sunny day = watching cyclo-cross, taking lots of product shots like the one to the left, and visiting the yarn store (only a little bit, I promise). The cats have been a just a bit put out since our cyclo-cross friends brought their Austrailian Cattle Dog puppy to visit. Our shyer cat Caramel hidesContinue reading “A Knitty Opportunity – and Cyclo-cross”

6 Days to the first Craft Show!

That is right – in 6 days I’m taking the leap from online sales to local, in person, table-top selling! I’m so excited! I’ve always had some of the necessary ingredients for being an entrepreneurial crafter… I have 1) had a steady stream of creative projects flowing since earlier than I can remember, and 2)Continue reading “6 Days to the first Craft Show!”

One more day… news and … book reviews!

That’s right, one day left to enter the cozy contest- go to THIS LINK to see the easy rules and win. International entrants are welcome and don’t worry, even if your favorite cozy has temporarily sold out, I think we can make a new one for you :o) For those of you who would ratherContinue reading “One more day… news and … book reviews!”