Coffee Shop Upgrades


Do you depend on your morning Starbucks drive thru? Are you a loyal patron of your local (organic, fair trade, in-store roasted) coffee shop? Are you ready to take your coffee game to the next level? Here are 4 ways to do just that.

  1. Cup Cozy


You know those little paper collars? What if we replaced those with something reusable, fun, and just your style. Sound good? Knit coffee sleeves fit your cup snugly and protect your fingers while keeping your coffee hot (or cold!) and proclaiming your cup of joe as absolutely yours. (No more trying to figure out coffee cup ownership by comparing lipstick stains!) These cozies from

  1. Travel Tumbler

Like the coffee cozy idea but want to go one step farther? How about your own coffee travel cup? Great for folks concerned with their eco-footprint and those who like the heft of a nice coffee mug in their hands. Even better, these cups still fit in the car holder, unlike your favorite mug at home. Pro tip? You can use a knit sleeve on your travel tumbler. Fancy! These tumblers from

  1. Caffeine necklace

Not ready to ditch the paper collar or cup? Need to start smaller? How about a caffeinated little necklace. No really, it’s the caffeine molecule! You can look smart and proclaim your love for your stimulant of choice wherever you go. Necklace from

  1. Coffee Signs

You love the coffee shop so much – why not take it home with you? An eye-catching sign reminding you of all the great ways to mix up beans and hot water will tide you over until your next coffee run. Sign from

Which coffee shop upgrade would you start with first? What are YOUR favorite game changers? Share below!

Bye. Going to get coffee.

(*all images property of shop owners*)


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