By Candlelight

Dawn on Sunday morning

Trees down in the backyard

We were in the epicenter of Saturday’s October snowstorm and are just starting to get back to normal. We currently have power (probably because there is a warming shelter on our street), internet (just got that back tonight), and heat (wood stove… never lost this!), but many of our local friends and neighbors are without all three.


Saturday night was very strange – thick, heavy snow falling quickly with occasional green flashes, the cracks of falling trees and branches, and pink flashes and sparks as transformers blew. Quite surreal. We kept ourselves occupied by lighting candles, keeping the stove stoked, and trying to keep the basement from flooding. And we learned that beans and toast can be prepared quite well on the wood stove!

It will be quite some time before the area will be back to normal. Our thoughts go out to all of those still in the dark – stay safe and warm!

The view went from this…
To this!

Here are a few more stories about the storm from local friends…

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