A Knitty Opportunity – and Cyclo-cross

Nice sunny day = watching cyclo-cross, taking lots of product shots like the one to the left, and visiting the yarn store (only a little bit, I promise).

The cats have been a just a bit put out since our cyclo-cross friends brought their Austrailian Cattle Dog puppy to visit. Our shyer cat Caramel hides upstairs (under the bed or in the bathtub… whichever is available), while Tricksy simply stares down the puppy and steals her food. Classic Tricksy. Cyclo-cross, in case you were wondering, is a very cool combo of road biking, mountain biking and obstacle course. Watch the following for a little taste, complete with overly epic music:

The Cattle Dog puppy also REALLY likes wool (socks, yarn skeins, yarn projects…. basically our whole HOUSE) which segues nicely into the actually title of the post.

There is a more than vibrant (buzzing? frenetic?) knitting presence on the web, and I thought I would share just three items of interest.

Item the 1st: Ravelry.com! Most of my knitting, crocheting, or fiber arts readers probably know about this site already, but for those of you who dont – go over there and get your knit on! There are patterns, forums, help sessions, a trading post, and lots of fiber, yarn and inspiration in the way of FOs. My username is KnittyVet (just like on Etsy) – feel free to look me up and say hi! Here is one of my FOs posted on Ravelry:
Item the 2nd: KnitPicks.com is great online one stop fiber arts shopping. This is a known fact. Right now they are also running a contest on their Stash blog to win 20 balls of yarn and a free pattern. The contest is promoting a new feature allowing crafters to buy one pattern at a time from popular books – definitely a savings if you are like me and usually end up buying the whole book to get at one particular pattern. You have until Nov. 10th to enter the contest – simply leave a comment on the Stash Blog!

Item the 3rd: Tomorrow I am planning on attending the Fiber Festival of New England in Springfield, MA… If you are anywhere in the area it sounds like quite the good time – Moo Dog Knits from over at moodogpress.com says there are over 200 vendors – and sheep! Yay!

I think this post contains my first embedded video… Does that mean I can graduate blogger pre-school?

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  1. I'm on Ravelry too, but I haven't gone over there in months. It totally confuses me! I tried a few times and gave up. But thanks for the heads up about the Fiber Festival. I live in this area. Hadn't heard anything about it!

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