I guess this is a seasonal blog…

…But if so, now begins the blogging season!

Happy Hallowe’en! – This year we put together some Pumpkins for Sanity and/or Fear.

A quick wrap up of the summer: Lots of gardening (mostly watering… we had very Sarahan summer), vetting (now a regular part-time gig), and enjoying visits by family and friends.

I’ve also been occupied helping establish the Artisans of Western Massachusetts as a legitimate non-profit organization. We are over 50 members and growing fast – feel free to visit the AWM website by clicking on the logo. You can find great handmade items made with love by local artists.

My artwork and knitting has been squeezed in between the previously mentioned activities – I did get a chance to do some custom work of a very sweet kitty.

I also had fun putting together a few treasuries using the great new treasury tool over at Etsy.com. Now… we’re cleaning the garden, raking leaves, and enjoying cozy wood fires and mulled apple cider. I hope to keep the blog a bit more updated… but right now it is time to go light the pumpkins!

Stay safe, and remember to VOTE on Tuesday!


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