Tempting Tuesday – Felines

The dogs have had their day… now the cats shall play! Here we have a small collection of feline oriented items for you to enjoy.

1. We’ll start with a canvas field bag from rctees. This handsome bag features a hand printed image of the artist’s own beloved cat, “Abby”.

2. This very unique piece of glass art from GlassCatsStudios is ready to brighten up your windowsill or office. Great for cat lovers with allergies!

3. Cats need collars too. This classy example from AmandaBrewerTextiles would look great on a discerning cat.

4. I just love this card from bipolarbettygoods, especially since I happen to cohabit with a crazy cat myself…

5. Cat tags are always a great gift. Stekspets tags are hand engraved and ready to personalize.

6. Finally a great whimsical print from johnwgolden. He also has great folksy dog images, so both cat and dog lovers are covered!

Have a great week – and give those kitties some love(1)!

(1) Also known as tuna.

One thought on “Tempting Tuesday – Felines

  1. Abby and I thank you so much Kendra…it's PURRRFECT. I love all cats, but that tuxedo is tugging at my heart strings.
    Wonderful choices!! ♥toni

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