Tempting Tuesday – Cafe

One of my favorite parts of spring is sitting at a cafe on a sunny morning with an iced coffee and good book or bit of knitting. Here are a few temptations in the cafe mood!

1. These delicious beads were created by artbylisi and would look great in a statement piece of jewelry. Don’t they look just like swirling coffee?

2. You’ll need a bag to bring that book or knitting project – how about this cute offering from truffalope?! It is repurposed from a burlap coffee sack!

3. Chunky coffee exfoliating soap… mmmm. These soap bars from bainetbulles are reputed to be great at cleaning off strong odors and dirt- perfect if you are heading to the cafe after gardening or cooking.

4. These size 3 needles would be perfect for that project you’ve been meaning to get to. They are hand worked by ElementalHandcrafts and look smooth, silky, and heavenly.

5. Need to celebrate a cafe morning on your own porch or patio? Let this adorable hand-thrown teapot from organicceramic help.

6. Had to include the actual cafe scene! Can’t you just imagine yourself at one of those tables watching life flow by? This gorgeous impressionistic piece is from artstudio.

Thanks for joining me at my little cafe table – we’ll see you again soon!

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