Tempting Tuesday – Daffodils

Inspiration continues to flow from the springy world outside. In a few short weeks we’ve seen our peas and spinach sprout, planted apple trees and raspberry canes, and marveled at the amazing blooms of the daffodils springing up. Without further ado, the temptations!1. This journal from QuinnBookbinding would be a perfect place to record your spring musings and thoughts. Sturdy construction and a daffo-liscious print!

2. Our next item is a one-of-a-kind work of art from fullenstar. Imagine strolling along on your spring walks with this lovely bit of wool and silk fluttering behind you!

3. I think the bright yellow of these earrings is outstanding! They are wood cutouts from SAEE, ready to be worn, seen, and admired.

4. Zebras and Daffodils – what more do you need? This is an original artwork by unitedthread and would be perfect hanging in a sunroom or nursery.

5. Keep your little neccessaries in this glowing clutch. Sewlola made this purse from a fabric purchased in Avignon, France!

6. Last but not least, a fine art photograph of an actual daffodil by peggyhodge. I hope your spring is as beautiful as this print!

Thanks for joining us once again – remember, click on the photos for a trip to the listing of the item on Etsy.


One thought on “Tempting Tuesday – Daffodils

  1. Apple trees? Oh, my! I wish I have a little piece of land to plant fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. 🙂

    Thank you so much for showing the French Provencal Coin Purse.

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