Stir fry for dinner, great lunch for the worms!

Almost a week has passed since we started our little worm farming operation and all appears to be going well. I started out feeding slowly to let the little composters settle in, but now we’re ramping up. For instance- we had a lovely veg-filled stir fry for dinner last night, and today the worms get the great veg scraps.
Mmmm. I am adding water via spray bottle (conveniently at hand due to its other use as a “bad cat” sprayer) every few days, otherwise the bedding seems to dry out too much. The compost bin smells earthy and good, just like they say it should.
Worms do not love the camera it seems, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for all this. That’s all the update for right now- remember to enter the cozy contest!

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