Pie of the Month Club

A new year, a new goal! Lets make one new kind of pie per month…. yes, one per week was considered and discarded, for several LARGE reasons.

The inspiration for this lofty (dare we say, pie in the sky?) goal is a delicious book I recently received: Ken Haedrich’s aptly named “Pie”.

To dispel the January gloom and cold, this month’s contestant is classic Lemon Meringue, a pie I have made before with less than optimal results. Lets just say that beating egg whites into a meringue by hand is really good for the arm muscle, less good for the meringue. This time I would be armed with a stand mixer.

Some good hints and tips- Ken recommends an ingenious method of keeping pie crusts flat while baking using aluminum foil and dry beans. Worked like a charm! Real lemon juice = really good.

So the first month was a success- does anyone have any requests for a February Pie? Say so in the comments!

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