Buy Local, Buy Handmade!

Time to make a case for supporting your local artists, artisans, and economy. No matter where you live in the country there are very talented people who shop at your grocery store, send their kids to your school, and support your town! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all support each other instead of sending money to big, faceless corporations?

Right now is a perfect time of year to get to know your local artists since it is Winter Art & Craft Show season! Check your local listings, newspapers, and coffee shops for flyers, then get out there and find the perfect holiday present.

In this theme, I’ve proudly started using the new stickers for our group- Artisans of WMASS
Here are a few links to local shows for MY area… Click on the picture for more details. If you have any for here, there, or anywhere leave a comment. I’ll put it up!

In other news, go HERE for a treasury I am honored to be part of…. and I have a shipping sale on right now in my etsy shop – $1 shipping on every item plus a free gift tag!

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