To Pom or not to Pom…

This is not really a question. I finished my chunky cable stocking cap and was informed that a pom pom topping would be “awesome”. So after a quick google look what appeared: A wonderful tutorial from Bella Dia. You can link to the tutorial by clicking on the picture… I realized that my ability to make tutorials as lovely as this one may be hampered by the surgical shortness of my fingernails. Anyhow, since I did not need to be a hand model to MAKE the pom pom I finished my hat and VOILA! I then wrote my second ever pattern for the hat and grabbed an Etsy treasury to show off more WMASS objets d’art. And we went running. And ate Chinese food. Good day.

Finally, for all you George R.R. Martin fans out there, visit for the latest in news about the upcoming HBO series. Because Winter is Coming.

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