Local Goodness and Victorians

Item the first: The WMASS Team has a treasury on Etsy which is gorgeous. Buy local! Buy handmade! But don’t take my word for it (thanks Reading Rainbow). Go to http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=95482

Item the second: If you like early victorian england, steampunk, deadpan, punny, geeky humor, and sublimely simple drawings, 2DGoggles is for you. Sydney Padua is an artist and amateur (but very determined!) historian… her footnotes alone are worth the price of admission. As if that isn’t enough, she has a tribute to Wallace and Gromit which I will copy here with the greatest admiration and humility. Her site is www.sydneypadua.com/2dgoggles/
Item the Third: I’ll stay on the topic of the 1800’s. I am currently reading Wilkie Collin’s book The Moonstone (because the library didn’t have Woman in White) and I love how a book from over 100 years ago can be just as engaging and funny today as it was then. We just met the Sherlock Holmes character… though Arthur Conan Doyle wouldn’t publish his first detective story until about 20 years later…

Coming soon- a free scarf pattern!

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