Happy printer dance

Super excited! Yesterday afternoon I made the plunge into photo quality/archival inks for my home printer. The results have been great – I made a few prints of my Winter White Pine watercolor – well, see for yourself… I’ll keep experimenting with the settings and hopefully have more images up before long.

Other news- bit of a disappointment- we went to see Neko Case the other night (great show, don’t get me wrong) but I find out that Neil Gaiman was attending Amanda Palmer’s concert in THE SAME TOWN! At THE SAME TIME! and we missed it. Ah well. Brings me to the next point though:

Neil Gaiman’s blog at www.neilgaiman.com/journal/ It is a fascinating look into the day to day life of a marvelous writer… And full of advice, great links, and goofy photos of a large white dog.

I also finished a pair of toddler’s mittens… much inspiration from Marcia Lewandowski’s Folk Mittens book.Maybe I should end with the fact that Neko’s dog Liza (a big black lab) got to hang out on stage with her. I could segue into the importance of keeping your pets slim and trim. mmmm. Maybe some other time. Ciao!

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